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Do I have to measure my windows and doors myself?

We have a qualified estimator who will come to your home or business to take the necessary measurements.


Do you give free estimates?

We do free estimates within the city of Brandon, Manitoba.


Do you have windows in stock?

The majority of our windows are custom ordered for your specific needs.


Do you do the installing or can I install them myself?

We have trained installers for your installation needs, but we can also just supply your windows.


Do you install outside of Brandon?

Yes, we take care of southwest and northwestern Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan.


Do your windows come with warranty?

Yes, all of our windows and doors come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please view warranties at the manufacturer’s website using the given link.


Can I get windows installed in the winter?

We do installations 12 months of the year.


What is the difference between Low E and Argon and how do they affect the R Value?

Low E is a factory applied coating that in the winter months, helps reduce heat loss from the interior of your home through your windows, resulting in a reduction of necessary energy to heat your home.  During the summer months, Low E reduces the amount of heat gained through solar energy, not allowing the direct heat to enter through the glass.

Argon is a harmless gas, denser than air, which is pumped between your window panes, replacing the existing air, creating less heat flow through your window, increasing insulating value.


I have condensation on my old windows.  Will my new windows reduce the amount of condensation?

Condensation can be caused by several circumstances.  For a good explanation and more information regarding condensation…

please go to: http://www.hydro.mb.ca/your_home/resources/index.shtml

How-to Booklets and go to Booklet 5: Doors and Windows

Here you will find a good explanation on Window Condensation.